The Viper Watch is a remarkable timepiece with a white-gold serpent and a diamond-studded dial

Almost like a biblical representation of a snake presenting you with the forbidden fruit, the Viper Watch has a serpent wrapped around its dial, hovering immediately above the shimmering diamond embedded in the watch’s center.

Designed by Salvo Lo Cascio along with Fabrizio Torchia of Maecenas Studio, the watch comes encased in a 316L stainless steel body, sandwiched between sapphire crystals on the front as well as on the exhibition back. The watch’s dial comes fabricated from aluminum with a coat of shimmering blue paint which contrasts beautifully against the white gold hands, numbers, indexes, and a beautifully ornate viper that instantly draws your eye to the watch’s magnum opus, the exquisite gemstone located at its center.

Designers: Salvo Lo Cascio & Fabrizio Torchia (Maecenas Studio)

The 12-hour watch features a single hand movement that points at each hour while also giving you a sense of the minutes simply based on its location between two numerals on the dial. The idea, Salvo implies, is to focus more on the watch’s sheer artistic appeal than on purely accurate chronometry. Underneath the dial sits the Viper Watch’s ETA 6497 movement, which Salvo modified with skeletonized gears that are visible through the watch’s exhibition back. As another hat-tip to its reptilian inspiration, the Viper Watch comes with leather straps too, although snake leather would probably really hit the mark. (I’m more of an animal-friendly faux leather person myself, if I’m being entirely honest)

The Viper Watch exists only as a concept right now, although I’m sure Salvo could produce a few units if there’s enough interest from willing buyers. You can follow Salvo Lo Cascio’s work on Instagram and contact him for more information.