Air purifying towers with an interesting triangle design help improve air quality outdoors for the public

People who live in urban areas are exposed to all kinds of hazards as they go to work, school, or just living their daily lives. Over the past decades, air quality has become such a big problem and has caused a lot of conditions for city dwellers as it continues to deteriorate, including diseases and disorders and even cancers. As environment activists continue their fight on one end, there also needs to be some other creative solutions to help people breathe healthier air when they’re outdoors.

Designer: Studio Symbiosis

The Verto Air Purification Tower is one such solution that is currently trying to purify the air in New Delhi’s Sunder Nursery. It’s a large-scale system that is 5.5 meters high and has a multi-directional air purifying feature so that the air within the area it is in will be filtered and become healthier for humans and animals around it. Each tower is made up of five air filtration cubes and is encased within a triangle-shaped shell with a modern design, making it look more like a tall sculpture than an air purifier.

The built-in and energy-efficient fans are able to suck in the surrounding air and then the fine dust filters are able to remove the particulate matter and dust and therefore make it easier for people around to breathe in clean air. It is able to clean 600,000 m3 of air every day as well as reduce nitrogen dioxide levels along the way. The fans are considered energy-efficient since it is able to work based on local air quality conditions, using less energy when pollution levels are low.

If a city is able to get enough public or private support, this is actually a pretty interesting and useful tower to have especially in areas where air quality is pretty bad. The company is looking at mass production of the Verto towers and is even trying to come up with materials to enable it to be flat-packed and easily transported to areas where they are badly needed.