Top gifts for new homes and housewarming parties – YD Holiday Gift Guide 2021

You know what’s more of a chore than shifting houses? Buying gifts for people who just shifted houses. You don’t know what they have, what they want, or even what complements the space they’re living in… so we decided to put on our thinking caps and help you choose the best housewarming gift for your friends or relatives (or you could just buy something for yourself). Here’s a carefully curated list of our top recommendations for new homes, with products that are quirky yet useful, minimal yet meaningful, and so creatively unique that you’re sure to impress people with them!

Be sure to snag some of these products while they’re around (and on discount)… Or if you’re the one hosting a housewarming party, share them with your guests to give them hints!

Mini Express 2 by Bialetti

A quaint alternative to the wildly popular Moka Pot, this stovetop espresso maker from Bialetti brews your espresso as well as neatly dispenses it into two perfectly sized cups in equal proportions! To brew your coffee, just load the coffee grounds and water into the Mini Express 2’s base and screw the top on (throw in a stick of cinnamon too for that Christmassy flavor), before lighting the fire underneath. The coffee brews, bubbling up to the surface and out the two spouts on the top, right into the ceramic cups that rest on the Mini Express’s adorable platform! The Mini Express 2 is made from Anodized Aluminum and is food-grade and safe to use. However, it won’t work on an induction stovetop.
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Wisdom Tree by Bookniture

Meet the Wisdom Tree… it’s part bookshelf, part ambient-light. It illuminates your books and your space with a warm glow, while providing up to 5 storage racks for your ‘current reads’. The shelf’s angular platforms let you stack the books open and face down, so you don’t really need a bookmark. Just lift up your book and begin reading from the page you’re on. Made by the guys behind the Bookniture foldable furniture (you’ll find them later in this article too!), each Wisdom Tree is made from birch plywood and comes carefully assembled with a build-in USB-powered warm white LED light.
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Vertex ZERO Moss Terrarium by TerraLiving

Greenery and Geometry collide with the Vertex ZERO, a moss terrarium from Malaysia-based TerraLiving! Requiring no watering at all, Vertex Zero is a custom-made terrarium that encases real, biologically-inactive moss, cultivated in TerraLiving’s own greenhouses. The specially-preserved ZERO moss sits within a chiseled, almost gemstone-like glass case designed and manufactured by TerraLiving, and can essentially last for decades with no maintenance. The perfect gift for people who love the touch of greenery without the actual effort of keeping the plants alive!
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Porthole Infuser by Crucial Detail

The Porthole Infuser does exactly what you think it does. It allows you to make everything from infused cocktails to syrups, oils, dressings, or even cold-brewed artisan teas and coffees. Inspired by a submarine or ship’s porthole style window, the Porthole Infuser is a circular vessel with transparent panels on both sides, literally offering a window into the liquid infusion process happening on the inside. Go ahead, make yourself some incredibly heartwarming and life-affirming mulled wine to sip in this wonderful chilly weather!
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Heng Balance Lamp by Allocacoc

The Heng Balance Lamp is perhaps one of the best examples of how awards and coverage can absolutely propel a design! This Red Dot Award-winning lamp is a brilliant way of showing how a product interaction that is taken for granted can be turned into a new experience that’s so entertaining, rewarding, and enriching, it’s sure to pique your interest. The Heng Balance Lamp operates rather simply – two wooden spheres (with magnets within) are secured by strings on either end of the Heng’s inner periphery. Lift the lower sphere closer to the upper one and magnetic attraction causes them to pull towards each other, and to tug on the lower string, causing the lamp to switch on. Break the magnetic attraction and the lower sphere goes limp, and the light switches off. I could probably do this all day!
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Bookniture Folding Furniture by Bookniture

Relying on folded paper’s ability to withstand large amounts of compressive stress against its thickness, the Bookniture literally comes as thick as a coffee-table book and as light as one too. It contains paper pages on the inside that are honeycombed together and opens up as a regular book would. After opening the book up, just lock the covers to each other and place a circular mat on top and you have yourself an Ottoman Stool, or even a rather nifty side-table that can take up to 1100 kgs (2400 pounds) of load without breaking a sweat. Perfect for people who love having guests over but seldom have enough seating for them!
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Succulent Swing by Ohio Workshop

Making a case that even plants deserve to have a little fun, the Succulent Swing from Ohio Workshop is a quirky little planter that definitely adds a playful touch to your table or mantelpiece! The swing itself and the little planter-buddy on it are both made out of 3D printed recycled plastic, and the Succulent Swing easily makes for the most enjoyable little tabletop fidget-toy as you push the swing back and forth! Don’t worry, it won’t harm the succulent… in fact, if plants respond positively to Beethoven, I’m sure they would love a bit of playground fun too, no?!
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Powerpic Mod Photo Frame + Wireless Charger by Twelve South

Designed to look like a slick lucite photo frame, Twelve South’s PowerPic mod has a way of being useful at all times – either as tabletop or bedside decor, or as a gadget that charges your smartphone… because under the photo and the lucite frame sits a Qi-compatible 10W wireless charging module. Is it a tabletop frame for a family holiday photo? Is it an incredibly useful gadget that lets you keep your smartphone and AirPods charged? How about both?!
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