Snowflake-shaped multitool packs 14 tools in its design, making it the best EDC to gift this Christmas!

With just about a week till Christmas Eve, chances are you’ve done most of your shopping and planning… except for that one person who’s notoriously difficult to shop for. Whether it’s someone you were assigned at Secret Santa or just someone in your family whose personality doesn’t seem to expand beyond DIY, Beer, and Snowboarding, this little winter-themed multitool makes the best gift in the $25 price range.

The HexFlex multitool fits 14 incredibly useful tools into its small frame and comes with a keyring attachment so you’ve always got it on you. Made from stainless steel (although their website also offers a titanium variant too), this incredibly season-appropriate multitool comes with two Phillips screwdrivers, a flathead screwdriver, three hex drivers, a box-cutter, a bottle opener, and six different wrenches cleverly integrated into its snowflake-shaped design.

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Originally designed to be a snowboard tool (hence the snowflake theme), the HexFlex actually lends itself to a lot of regular daily use too. It fastens right to your keychain, allowing you to carry it around wherever you go, and gives you the power to open stuff from bottles to boxes and tighten or loosen screws, and bolts. Now that’s quite chill, isn’t it?!

Designer: HexFlex

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