Here’s how to clean your AirPods, earphones, and hearing aids safely without damaging them

No, it doesn’t require Apple’s $20 cleaning cloth or any special skills.

Instagram and TikTok will have you believe that cleaning AirPods requires 3 different tools and 4 solvents to easily dissolve the earwax, loosen the dirt, and leave the AirPods’ ridiculously small inner grill looking as good as new. There is, however, a solution that’s easier, faster, and so ingeniously simple, it requires absolutely no learning curve. Meet AirSquares, a set of earphone-cleaning putty squares that let you effectively get all the dirt and wax out of those dadgum tiny earphone holes. Working as easily as the putties/doughs you get to clean your laptop and wireless keyboards, the AirSquares are the perfect size and stickiness to help you safely clean out your AirPods, earphones, and hearing aids. It takes mere seconds and doesn’t require complicated equipment or technical expertise.

Designer: AirSquares

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Available in a pack of 12 semi-reusable putty squares, the AirSquares are the perfect size for cleaning tiny crevasses, namely the grilles/buds of earphones, headphones, hearing aids, as well as the earpieces or charging ports of smartphones and the gaps between keys/wheels on keyboards/mice. I say semi-reusable because the putty can be mushed, molded, and reused again… although eventually, it needs to be chucked out in the trash. The white color of the putty acts as the perfect visual indicator for letting you know when it’s dirty and needs replacing.

The cleaning process is as easy as pressing the putty into the AirPods and removing them gently. The putty’s sticky surface instantly catches any dust, debris, or earwax, leaving you with a clean AirPod/earphone as you peel the putty off. It’s a whole lot easier than using those fancy tools, picks, and solvents that most technicians would use, and is much safer too… especially considering how fragile those small earphones can be.

The AirSquares help you maintain your AirPods, allowing them to remain hygienic while lasting longer too. Cleaning your earphones periodically is great for maintaining their audio quality, and it also helps prevent dust and debris from getting into the device, which may interfere with its functionality or ability to pair up with the phone. Side tip from a personal experience of buying a vintage iPod and EarPods on eBay – it’s also great for restoring older earphones to their original glory, so you can sell or resell them while having them look as good as new!

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