This playfully polygonal lamp makes the perfect addition to any minimal workspace

There are a few lighting designs that are so iconic, just looking at their silhouette is enough to identify them. The Pixar lamp comes to mind, so does Ross Lovegrove’s Andromeda Lamp, even the Polygon touch-sensitive lamps. What sets them apart is their instantly memorable shape and interaction… a feature that also puts Gingko’s Octagon One Desk Light in the same category. With its unique octagonal base, the Octagon One looks stable, while still feeling pretty lightweight. It comes with an LED light-panel that emerges from the broad base creating an unusual combination of visual proportions, while the base’s octagonal design itself lets you easily adjust the lamp’s angle by simply resting it on the edge of your choice.

Designer: Paul Sun of Gingko Design

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An inductee into the MoMA store and a winner of multiple furniture, lighting, and gifting awards, the Octagon One’s minimally quirky design makes it ideal for any workspace. Its ability to adjust to 4 different angles allows it to easily alternate between being an area light, reading light or even task light, and the LED panel lights up with an array of 36 LEDs that cast a focused glow on wherever the lamp is pointed.

The lamp’s most iconic element remains its octagonal base, which gives it its stability while contributing to the lamp’s modern industrial aesthetic. The Octagon One comes in a variety of material finishes, ranging from darker to lighter shades of wood and even a rather unusual marble variant that definitely stands apart in a class of its own. The Octagon One is chargeable via USB, and the lamp provides up to 48 hours of lighting on a full charge on its lowest brightness setting, adjustable using the touch-sensitive panel built into the octagon base. The lamp itself weighs 745g (1.6 lbs), and comes constructed out of ABS and Aluminum.

Click Here to Buy Now: $75.65 $89 (15% off with coupon code “YANKO-ODL”). Hurry, sale ends Dec 2nd and for YD readers only!