This Xbox S-inspired all-in-one mini Windows PC rivals the iMac for good measure

While Apple has a pricey proposition for buyers who can’t resist the mini form factor of the iMac, a new Windows all-in-one computer ignites hope for ones who have always liked the freedom of the world’s most-used PC.

The 2021 iMac with the M1 microchip on-board is the powerful all-in-one PC for all kinds of users – and of course – the funky color options to match the modern interiors. Although the limited ports and no upgrade option is a bit of a downer. That leaves most of (including me) craving an option that’s spiced up in Windows flavor. New Land Design seems to have caught onto the idea of an all-in-one Windows desktop PC – bringing another option for users who prefer the more open-ended OS and hardware environment.

The compact PC is inspired by the Xbox Series S design, and it’s fairly evident from the all-white theme. There are plenty of ports up-front (courtesy of re-rerouted IO) to satiate the need of power users who possess a lot of gadgets. The big Xbox-like housing in a Mini ITX has all the hardware components including the RAM, graphics card and more. The designers have crafted the mini PC in a manner to assist the bottom to top airflow for active cooling.

New Land Design has kept the dimensions of the mini Windows PC well within the practical realms and has not tried to outsmart the slim iMac design with an even slimmer profile. The screen has a modern bezel-less look and the height-adjustable movement hides away the ports when brought down to the lower end. Now, the only question remains unanswered – will you want to put this up on your desk anytime soon?

Designer: New Land Design