Breathing Plants Demand Attention

It’s easy to forget plants are complex living organisms because their movements are so sedentary. It’s only when things start wilting do we suddenly realize “damn this plant needs help!” The breathing pot helps us find an analogous emotive connection with our plants. The pot expands and contracts simulating breathing. If the breathing stops, you better give that plant some water and place it in sunlight.

Designer: Jae-Han Song


  • Victor says:

    Crazy stuff. An amazing perception, and amazing way to approach it. Really interesting… but a bit pointless, maybe.

  • Bep says:

    I don’t get it… how does this work?!

  • Taking the same kind of sensors (and even the same kind of movement) wouldn’t be better to do it the other way around.
    This is, make the pot move when the plant needs attention…
    Personally, I wouldn’t like the ideia of a pot constantly “breathing” in and out. Probably, I’d let the plant die, just to turn it off…(just kidding)

  • Bep says:

    why is kind of ridiculous design even proposed?
    The idea with terracotta is that it absorbs the water. This, probably a flexible rubber, doesn’t do that. Also, is there a motor? Why does it react to light/water??

    c’mon yanko, please only post resolved projects, this is laughable!

  • Henrique Staino says:

    i wonder how all the sucessful designers have time to waste adding comments to this website.. have you noticed, how people criticise here?? of course they are much better designers. sure, if only they had jobs…

    • Eric says:

      HAHAHAHahaha!!!! So true, love it!

    • zippyflounder says:

      semi retired, just doing my bit to provide a little common sense

      • Eric says:

        If you feel YOUR sense is common…. Thanks I guess!

        • zippyflounder says:

          wisdom comes with experiance, 35 years of product design, multi awards, 100’s of product to market…..and your experiance is what?

          • Eric says:

            WOW I’m impressed. Then one with such knowledge should know that they are so much smarter about these topics than the average Joe, what you provide for feedback isn’t COMMON sense. You wouldn’t need such an experience driven introduction to prove it as common sense either. As you flounder…. I think what you mean is constructive criticism based on experience, and everything I’ve read from you is certainly critical, however half as constructive. -P.s. I’m 24 with only 1 product to market, since that matters to you.

          • zippyflounder says:

            Oh its about 50/50 on the help v critisim, I will attempt to help when i see some value in a project but often the “ideas” are fundmently flawed. Is that one product to market YOURS or were you part of a group? I have about 15 solo products, from idea, through market research, prototype, testing, production and marketing…….just in case your intrested.

          • Eric says:

            Mine and my brothers which is as solo/group as I would ever like it. Over a million units sold to a fortune 50 company, and of course many more ideas in the works; always need something on the plate. Our dad’s an automobile engineer, so we’ve been building/tinkering in the shop our entire lives…

  • Yang says:

    there’s lot of concept like that

  • Eric says:

    Honestly I love the idea of bringing the human element to the plant, but I really think this would be better received/become more successful as a museum piece, not a mass produced item.

    • bep says:

      how depressing, having a plant and planter in the museum when people should have a plant a home.

      I am not against having a living planter, but I need to know more about it than just a rendering, and a picture of “how it works” that is so small, that I can’t really see it.

      how are we supposed to critique projects that seem so unresolved?

      So, Yanko, ask for some more pics, the right pics or don’t publish the concept at all.

      • Eric says:

        It is pathetic that not enough people have plants in their house. But are you going to make them do it? The point this designer was making was to have an emotive connection to plants, so we can “feel” for them. Instead of trying to make everyone buy this, allow them to come up to it in a museum. People will feel more vindicated and moved upon the self discovery of this idea. That is why I say the intentions behind the design would have more impact on people if they see it in a museum, not on a Walgreen’s shelf. Are you saying if everyone who didn’t have plants in their house saw this for $10 they would buy it? People who have a forest in their house already care so much for plants they get watered fine, wrong market for mass production, sorry!

  • Ekove says:

    I love the idea. I just don’t understand how it works, and IF it does, it’s probably too expensive for mass production.

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