This circular steam iron lets you glide over stubborn wrinkles ergonomically without breaking a sweat

Going through the piles of laundry is one task and then having to iron through all the creases is altogether another. To save time and effort, steam irons have cut out a niche for themselves, and to add a different, more sophisticated approach, the Iron-B by Gökçe Nafak is born. This is an advanced steam iron that will let you iron out the rigid wrinkle without having to break a sweat.

Steam irons are a hot and steamy way to keep linens and everyday wear spick and span. These irons have evolved with time to now feature drip-free steaming and are adjustable to the type of cloth you’re ironing. The progress has also reached a point where the steam irons now have digital displays and auto shut-off features to save you time and let you iron with more efficiency, not only on a horizontal surface but vertically as well. The concept of ironing vertically has become mainstream, it works without the device having to create contact with the clothing – the idea is to only use steam on possibly all types of fabrics and iron them with finesse.

The Iron-B with a retractable cord (to minimize the wire clutter) is a cusp of the concept of regular and vertical steam irons. Designed ergonomically with a heat-resistant handle, this rounded base device, features a TrueGlide nonstick soleplate so no matter the fabric – cotton, polyester, silk, cashmere, lace, or viscose, the Iron-B can glide through with precise efficiency, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

This ironing device conceived by Gökçe Nafak is engineered with B Steam technology. This allows the iron to deliver a consistent steam flow throughout its base producing an end result that’s beyond expectation. To take the guesswork out of ironing, the Iron-B soleplate maintains an optimal temperature level for every type of fabric that can be controlled from the onboard dial of this potato masher-style steam iron.

To facilitate use in either orientation – horizontally or vertically to quickly touch up a shirt or a dress right on the hanger – the nonstick soleplate of the Iron-B offers 2x smoother glide over the fabric, while the powerful bursts of steam effectively remove the most stubborn wrinkles in seconds. This simple to use, lightweight and extremely powerful steam iron is chargeable using a USB cable and is ideal for a modern abode where everyday ironing is a chore.

Designer: Gökçe Nafak