This ergonomic urban-friendly backpack was co-designed with chiropractors to support your spine

Remember the 9 out of 10 dentists that recommend Oral-B’s toothbrushes? This is like that… but instead, it’s a backpack that’s recommended for your back.

Meet the Symmetry S1, a backpack that was designed slightly differently than you’d normally expect. Most backpacks are designed to fulfill a certain purpose… A functional purpose, a scenario purpose, an aesthetic purpose. The Symmetry S1, however, was made to also be a bag your back loved carrying. Designed with inputs from chiropractors, the S1 is a stylish, functional backpack that you can wear forever without feeling the fatigue. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it the orthopedic shoes of the backpack world, but the S1 wasn’t just designed to suit your lifestyle, it was designed to also suit your body.

Designer: Taylor Sitton of Symmetry Backpacks

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The Symmetry S1 comes with a versatile-looking aesthetic that works in both formal as well as informal settings. As its name suggests, it sports a symmetrical design that’s ambidextrous and pleasing to look at, and comes made from high-quality materials including a twill nylon body, a ballistic nylon base, full-grain leather accents on the straps and handles, and memory-foam cushioning inside the straps and the lumbar support. The memory foam lining within the straps takes loads of pressure off your shoulders and back, and the form-fitting design of the backpack clings to you as you walk, improving your posture and preventing you from slouching or your spine from feeling the weight of the bag with each step.

The makers behind the Symmetry S1 backpack realized that while everyone was focusing on purpose-built bags that either were modular, filled with tech, lined with solar panels, or just designed to go from the office to the gym to the airport, not many backpack makers were actually considering the human-centric aspect of the product’s design. Sure, you could slap a breathable 3D mesh on the back panel to prevent the wearer’s back from sweating, but aside from that feature, none of the bags were actually designed to be ergonomic. The Symmetry S1 aims at ticking that box, along with a bunch of other, thanks to a versatile design that works wherever you take the S1.

The S1 comes with well-organized interiors with dedicated storage areas, mesh-lined pockets, and removable nodes/modules to give all your belongings their rightful place. The S1’s front flap opens a full 180° to reveal its insides, A dedicated laptop sleeve comes padded and can store up to a 16-inch MacBook, while pockets on the front panel let you store a tablet, a notepad, stationery, and a variety of other EDC and accessories. The bag even sports collapsible side pockets for your water bottle or umbrella, a quick-access slot on the top for your keys, and a concealed back pocket for more precious valuables like your wallet or passport.

Lastly (and this might be the most underrated feature on a backpack ever), the S1’s flat ballistic nylon base actually allows it to stand upright without tipping over, giving you the ability to easily place the backpack on the ground wherever you are – at work, at home, at the airport, on the subway, or at a local café.

Ultimately, the S1 focuses on the wearer as much as the stuff inside the backpack. Its body-hugging design keeps your spine in the right shape, promoting good posture while the memory foam straps help distribute the load so you don’t feel the weight of the bag on your shoulders. The S1 sports adjustable straps, fitting a wide range of body types, and comes in 3 color variants – an all-black variant, a gray variant with brown leather accents, and a blue variant with brown leather accents. All the bags are outfitted with waterproof YKK zippers, a rugged, abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon base, and 4 metal feet on the bottom to allow the backpack to stand upright. The bags cost $300 but are up for grabs on Kickstarter at an early bird discount for $209. Each S1 comes with 3 removable nodes/modules, and free shipping.

Click Here to Buy Now: $209 $300 ($91 off). Hurry, only 268/300 left!