Can’t Get Fresher Than This

Eco Box is a concept to change the way we ripen, harvest, and deliver fresh fruit. The box is “packaged” around a fruit with plenty of holes for air circulation. The fruit is allowed to ripen this way reaching its full sweet potential. The box protects the fruit from insects and when it’s ready, picked and ready to be sold.

Of course one needs to ask, why does an apple need to be packaged anyways?

Designer: Jung Hyuk


  • this is not natural

  • So says:

    eco-box eco waste, no?

  • this is not natural

  • powers says:

    can you imagine the cost of this apple after having to pay thousands more man hours in individually wrapping each budding fruit in a transparent plastic box? Apples have been really great in Tennessee this year, so I havn’t even had to buy one, people are having trouble giving them away.

    • Juan says:

      Well, it’s already happening in Spain, there’s a famous peach that’s its wrapped in a little transparent bag so it can grow without pesticides and be perfectly safe from fruit insects.

  • deanween8 says:

    protect the fruit from insects????? so youve basically made a product thats a box, with pretty photos. In no way is this going to prevent insects from the getting to the fruit…..

  • zippyflounder says:

    Another case of designer being lasy, if he/she had done research on the process of growing, harvesting, storing, and shippin fruit it would have save him/her (and us) as lot of time…..BEFORE YOU DRAW, THINK, RESEACH, ASK.

  • Uli says:

    I love this idea. As for all the negative comments here, I attribute it to their jealously over not having created such a beautiful but also practical product.

    • zippyflounder says:

      pretty it is, pratical, nope not even close as your packaging is trippling the cost of the item and is not recycleable.

    • iSH says:

      Yea im jealous that I cant create a wasteful use of material to make fruit look pretty.

  • d says:

    consider rain/moisture, dust and dirt build up as the fruit ripens. not to mention small insects and spiders nesting inside the box. what should happen if the fruits falls from the branch? …design not thoroughly thought out.

  • enoo says:

    The kind of thing that could protect fruit from birds, but not from insects – unless there’s a way to thighten it hermetically to the branch without constricting it. But nothing here seems to indicate that, it’s just a simple plastic box with tiny holes.
    (And as already said, it creates lot of waste – that’s far from eco-friendly)

  • nice idea & like to see this type of some creativity new work !!

  • carl says:

    what is the box made from, go on say it.. p p p plastic?

    what a tool.

  • Ake says:

    Do you guys here really know how the fruits are grown ???

    I’m from Thailand and we are the agricultural country. So I’d like to share some informations for you guys to understand his design in better way.

    Every apples you ate, every piece of fruit, they all need to be wrapped individually with plastic bag while growning on tree. It’s not 100% insect-proof but it prevents big insects.

    But it’s not taken and packed with bag. Labours (lots of) will then cover with corrusion sleeves which you see in supermarkets.

    I agree with you that his design is not eco-friendly with plastic boxes, and this package requires more space in transportation than ordinary cartonbox.

    • zippyflounder says:

      I live in apple country, pacific nortwest and we dont have to use any bag’s, boxes or tallywackers on our trees (and they sell for huge money in japan). The apples are then picked, sorted and packed into trays made of recycled pulp paper…guess the usa is ahead on the eco front this time.

  • lay says:

    good thingking,
    One apple production is needed before a lot of manual work. This is a series of such actions omitted.

  • Juan says:

    For your information:

    “Los melocotones, protegidos con bolsas de insecticidas y pesticidas.”
    “The peaches are protected with bags, and free from pesticides and insecticides”

    Do some research before criticizing ..

  • john says:

    i’ve seen the same concept,except they used plastic bags instead.

  • woof says:

    “pests” are there to maintain the ecological balance. this is not to create a better fruit or fruits. or apples.

    this is really “form” above “function”.

    go eat a plastic apple.

  • meaghan says:

    Yet another example of people tacking the term “eco” on to absolutely everything, despite the product being terrible for the environment. Thanks for coming out though.

  • xuanfr says:


  • Eric says:

    Yaaa, no.

  • jong-seog Lim says:

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  • Koo says:

    i think it’s cute 🙂
    i’d use it
    good idea

  • pear says:

    Did anyone of you notice that the tree on the photo is by no means an apple tree??? That’s all there is to say.

  • The-G says:

    Are you kidding while saying it is fresher? It has no sense. And it is ridiculous.

  • Renaldo says:

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