Forget Apple Car, this foldable iLine personal transporter is the ideal design for urban commuting!

Designer Amanda Hettiarachchi has thought of a cool Apple personal commuter that will set the cats among the pigeons. A Segway-like personal transporter that can fold down to a compact-sized accessory for easy handling and storage.

By the year 2030, the global population will hit a critical point and that will put a high strain on the already strangulated traffic management system. It is estimated that a single person wastes almost 119 hours in one year waiting in traffic and the total fuel wastage due to this for all cars on the planet accounts for 3.1 billion gallons of fuel. All of us get stuck in traffic and take it in stride even though at times it drives us crazy. This calls for an autonomous personal commuter that is foldable, self-balancing, and carries a style quotient that goes with your lifestyle.

Called the Apple iLine, it comes in two versions – the Apple iLine and the Apple iLine mini which is smaller than your MacBook. The iLine normal version has a detachable pole that attaches to the footboard when you need to head to the grocery store in a jiffy. The iLine mini only has a footboard and three wheels. The future-proof commuter keeps up with Apple’s design philosophy, as the designer incorporates the Apple button shape on top of the pole to switch On/Off the personal commuter. This button also doubles as the user identification tool, as the user touches the middle of the touch screen controller to authenticate. The liner shape on the front and back has the backlight for nighttime commuting.

In the completely autonomous mode, the iLine will be able to adjust the speed, and the user can also opt to control it with iPhone or iWatch with the AppleLine app. Advanced sensors onboard will identify any obstacles (static or moving) and avert them in real-time. Also, the connected system will advise the user about busy routes and the best route to follow to get to the destination in time. As I said, the personal commuter fits perfectly with the urban lifestyle and the upcoming challenge that looks us all in the face – crowded roads that demand a compact set of wheels!

Designer: Amanda Hettiarachchi