This all-in-one portable gym + virtual trainer was designed by a former US Army Ranger

Former US Army Ranger Christopher Ix had a problem that all of us know too well. He was at peak fitness while serving in the army, but after leaving the forces to start a family, Chris noticed he barely had any time or incentive to work out or stay in shape. Over the years (and a few kids later), Chris was barely a fraction of how physically fit he was while as an army ranger… something he attributed to two things – the lack of motivation, and the lack of a proper home gym solution that covered all his needs. It took a few years of tinkering, but Chris finally developed a prototype of the Olympus Grip, his go-to exercising gear that helped him easily get back in shape. So versatile was the Olympus Grip that just within 90 days of using it (even while walking or running), Chris finished in the top tier of two Spartan Obstacle Course races and even qualified for the Sparta North American Championships.

Designer: Christopher Ix

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Cardio, jump-rope, dumbbell, boxing, resistance training, body weight training, and strength training, the Olympus Grips take care of them all. Designed to resemble the silicone grips you use while doing pushups, the Olympus Grips are capable of much more. They can be used on the floor or against a wall or elevated platform. They lock into each other for more complex exercises, and even allow you to snap on nylon straps, resistance bands or skipping ropes, covering a whole range of exercises that help you build muscle, burn fat, and boost stamina. They even come with a built-in phone mount and the Olympus virtual training app that lets you plan exercises, calculate reps, track workouts, and measure progress by seeing your calories burn in real-time. Moreover, they’re small enough that the grips fit right inside your backpack so you can carry them wherever you go.

The Olympus Grips are built to accommodate even the toughest workouts. They sport a reinforced steel frame capable of taking up to 500 lbs of weight per handle, a rubberized base for high friction, and silicone handles for comfortable gripping. The grips sport a proprietary connecting mechanism called SR 360 Connect that allows them to connect to each other. The 360 connection allows the grips to stay connected but still swivel on the same axis, letting you perform a whole range of Self-Resistance exercises with an expanded range of movement that lets you comfortably move your arms while exercising or switch arm positions. Along with letting you do conventional exercises like pushups, handstands, and lunges, the grips are even equipped with swivel eyebolts on each side to let you attach resistance bands, nylon straps, etc. to help expand your exercise arsenal and work out your arms, core, and even legs.

Along with giving you access to a wide roster of exercises, the Olympus Grips come with their dedicated smartphone app too, with its built-in dashboard and virtual trainer. The smartphone sits snugly within the grip (there are screws to fasten a phone holder), allowing you to track exercises, calculate reps, get feedback, and even see your progress in real-time (or get audio feedback). The Olympus Grip app comprehensively logs the calories you burn, the number of repetitions, sets, intervals, and the exercises you complete.

The Olympus Grips are available as a standalone pair of interlocking grips (perfect for pushups, Russian twists, lunges, handstands, and a host of other basic exercises), although you can expand on it with Olympus’ range of accessories that include straps, tube bands, looped bands, a jump rope, two X anchor mounts, and even the aforementioned phone mount that lets you access over 100 workouts, 400 exercises, and a virtual trainer that logs your workouts and recommends routines for you to follow. For an early-bird discounted price of $105, you can snag the Olympus Grips + all the accessories, and even a 15-liter backpack to carry your portable gym (along with your other belongings) wherever you go!

Click Here to Buy Now: $105 $198 (47% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!