A modular cat tree for when your pet is also your co-worker!

Okay, we can all agree there is never enough cat content (barring ‘Cats’ the movie) and we always want to give our pets everything ‘they’ (read: we) dream of. I know people who would buy furniture for their cat than actually getting a coffee table for themselves. And now that we all are spending more time at home with our cats, the territory that was usually theirs for half the day is now a shared space. Your pet is also your co-worker now so it is important to keep them occupied while you focus on work and since most of us live in shared apartments or small flats, it is important that we don’t buy a cat palace but invest in a more space-saving structure like Catssup.

This particular piece of cat furniture is extremely easy to set-up and seamlessly integrates with your current home setting minus the bulkiness of a conventional cat tree. In 2020, it is all about how modular the product is and that applies to pet furniture too. With Catssup you can create a DIY jungle gym by simply clamping the different parts onto existing furniture and changing the set-up whenever ‘you’ (read: your cat) need. The best part is that it doesn’t require any floor space so if you want to lie down and WFH – you absolutely can with the extra room!

The Catssup set includes a Dot Step, a Sleeping Pill, a Space Ball, a Cloud Lounge and a Climbing Tower – I would just like to say that I strongly believe human furniture should also have fun labels like this and maybe we would be more invested in it. The Dot Step is a circular attachment that lets your pet explore vertical places with the Cloud Lounge and Sleeping Pill are resting attachments. The Space Ball and Climbing tower are play pieces to keep your cat entertained, especially during virtual meetings. All you have to do is screw and clamp for rearranging the pieces suited to different functions. The C-clamp is adjustable so it will fit horizontal boards/surfaces easily.

Designer: Studio RYTE for Catssup