These conic ecotourism cabins designed with bamboo framing offer panoramic views of Mexico’s natural beauty!

Stationed atop turquoise rivers and surging waterfalls, Cocoon Villas comprise an ecotourism village in Mexico’s Huasteca potosina region.

Located in Mexico’s San Luis Potosí, Huasteca potosina is a geographical and cultural region known for its myriad waterfalls, turquoise river streams, huge canyons, and lush jungle ecosystems. While it’s one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets, people from across the world visit the region for its extreme sports attractions, cenotes, and hiking trails. Adding to the region’s slim catalog of eco-friendly architecture and tourist accommodations, GAS Architectures unveiled visuals for a cluster of conic, ecotourism villas called Cocoon Villas located in the verdant woodlands of Huasteca potosina.

Located next to the river, the Cocoon Villas as currently envisioned offer panoramic views of the surrounding environment through a glass facade that’s crisscrossed with diamond bamboo joists. The diamond bamboo framing supports and protects each villa’s structure with natural waterproof and insect repellent properties, similar to Kevlar. Each villa comprises two floors, the ground level is reserved for social gatherings whereas the top floors are kept for sleeping and panoramic vista points.

In addition to its protective measures, the bamboo joists play with the natural sunlight to form unique shadows throughout the home during the day.

Then at night, the diamond bamboo support framing offers only a touch of privacy, not that you’d need it in the Huasteca potosina jungle.

Ecotourism is an essential subset of tourism, especially in regions like Huasteca potosina–a bountiful, natural oasis in Mexico not well known outside of the country. Ecotourism helps to preserve and sustain natural wonders like Husteca potosina. The cluster of Cocoon Villas from GAS Architectures was designed to immerse visitors in the beauty and adventure of Husteca potosina without disrupting its wilderness.

Designer: GAS Architectures

Neutral beige tones fill out the interior of Cocoon Villas to form a bright, open space during the day.

Outfitted with crescent-shaped pools and a lounge area, each Cocoon Villa would come with its own outdoor deck space.

The cluster of Cocoon Villas forms a tight-knit community. 

The decks are oriented in ways so privacy is always accessible.