This minimal desk organizer comes with a unique switch-free mechanism to turn the light on and off!

Award-winning industrial designer, Yohan Lansard, has once again given us a design that we are adding to our “major need!” list. Desk Tidy is both a lamp and a sleek desk organizer (also called desk tidy) for the miscellaneous items that usually cause clutter. The lighting concept is made with machined wood, anodized aluminum, and a diffusing tube.

Both a lamp and a desk tidy, the light turns on when the lightbox is positioned vertically and turns off horizontally – simple, neat, and effective. How the lamp turns on and off is very intuitive as well as the paper-clip-inspired shape makes it even more perfect for your desk. The CMF is minimal and durable, the style would work in any desk or office setup without being distracting.

“Available in several forms, this concept makes it possible to respond to different types of objects.” It would be even cooler if the designer could integrate a wireless charging mechanism to provide a distinct differentiation from the metallic charges we see in the market.

The French designer continues to explore this concept which was created for Artemide, an Italian design studio known for its innovative lighting.

Designer: Yohan Lansard