These desks + tables come with built-in cylindrical planters so you can bring your indoor garden to any room!

Grown on Me is a collection of tables and desks with integrated cylindrical planters for greenery to sprout out of and grow.

Outfitting our office and living spaces with lots of plant life gives each room a whole new personality. Plants help remove toxins from the air we breathe, brighten rooms that are already filled with sunlight, and bring life to our living areas even when no one’s in them. By integrating planters into its legs, design and research studio After Architecture constructed Grow on Me, a collection of tables with built-in, cylindrical planters to bring the garden to any room and office space.

With WFH becoming the norm, we’ve turned our attention to the air quality in our own backyards, better yet, in our own living rooms. The combination of working from home and paying closer attention to the air we breathe has introduced new forms of interior design and furnishings. Heralding their own take on biophilic furniture, After Architecture’s Grow on Me tables can offer some privacy in cafes while improving the air quality inside or add some green masquerade to dining room table setups. Each leg of Grow on Me tables creates a spacious cylindrical planter for various plants to sprout out of and grow over the table, offering a sense of privacy and decor. Describing some of the different plants that can be integrated into Grow on Me tables, designers Katie MacDonald and Kyle Schumann explain,

“Vegetation height, variety, and geometry allow for various scenarios including foliage screening or a shared canopy: a cadre of prickly cacti allow clear visual connections but keep coworkers separate; a family of succulents joins the dinner party, masquerading as plates of hors d’oeuvre; a tropical cocktail of banana form a canopy over the length of the table; leafy monstera grant privacy from neighbors at a café. Plant morphology and human social interaction become part of one symbiotic system.”

Designer: After Architecture

Thanks to its rectangular design, Grow on Me tables can be configured next to one another to form systems of desks and tables.

Depending on the plant, different personalities can be given to each Grow on Me table.