This 3D printed smart home is autonomous and self-sustainable!

Do you know what the future of architecture looks like? Smart, sustainable, and self-sufficient! You shouldn’t have to choose between a smart modern home and a sustainable lifestyle because you can have it all in one 3D printed unit thanks to because they have created the ultimate autonomous self-sustaining shelter!’s homes also feature an air-purifying system that claims to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria – a USP post this pandemic for future homeowners.


This off-the-grid home comes fully ready to move in and is equipped with water tanks, solar panels, and autonomous waste disposal — no plug-ins needed! There are two models – mOne and mTwo – available for sale at $199,000 and $379,000. All the features are the same, however, the only difference between the two models is the floor area – the smaller one is suited for two inhabitants and the larger one is made for a small family.

The two models come move-in ready, fully furnished, with the technology to use solar energy and recycle water, no utility hookups are needed. The unites are ready to host you for 365 days of complete autonomous living. It doesn’t even require laying a foundation, just a flat surface!

The homes also come with a patented window system and insulated walls to help minimize their energy consumption which lets them comfortably depend on solar power as their sole source of energy. The interior is packed with every smart feature that you could want like Nest cameras and thermostats, Apple TVs, and internet connection for complete autonomous living. When you buy any of the models, they come fully furnished with everything because it has all been designed keeping in mind how space can be optimized in the compact dwelling.

These structures are the first fully self-sustainable mobile houses and don’t require an electric grid, propane, natural gas, firewood, or any other fuel – it is 20x more energy efficient than a traditional American home. The 3D printed units have a minimal and modern aesthetic without compromising on the warmth of a home and while enabling us to live our best flexible/remote lives!

The prefabricated structures can be placed on any flat piece of land and come fully-assembled, unlike your IKEA furniture! The 3D-printed homes do not require any construction permits and reduce construction site waste because of their building/assembly process.

The mOne model is meant for two inhabitants with a 400 square-foot floor area.

The mTwo model is meant for a small family of 2-4 people with an 800 square-foot floor area.

Each unit is equipped with solar panels, water tanks, and autonomous waste disposal — no plug-ins needed! says the 3D polymer frame can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes too!

The exterior is made of carbon fiber, polymers, and guarded glass panes which give it a monochromatic aesthetic with sweeping windows.

The studio model is fitted with the exact features are the larger one but more furniture modularities like the couch is also a pull-out bed.

Residents can customize the colors, appliances and decor in their units.

The company has mentioned that the units can take up to 7 weeks to be manufactured and another 2-3 weeks for delivery around the USA.

All the units have furniture designed in a way that they optimize space so the compact home still feels spacious not claustrophobic.

The furniture is either pushed back in, stacked, or folded down to keep the floor area open.

There are plenty of built-in shelves for storage considering that you will need to store a lot of things if you are living off-the-grid entirely.

The kitchen is equipped with all modern appliances like an oven, a large refrigerator, and a dishwasher.

The sloping A-frame shape also allows for additional overhead storage in the form of cabinets.

The 3D printed walls are insulated and patented window system to help minimize the overall energy consumption.

The bathroom has a standing shower, sink, a toilet, and a washing machine.

In disasters or unusually bad weather conditions, the home will automatically switch to low energy consumption mode to conserve power. says their units are unbreakable even if most of the structure is made from windows.

There is a strong security system that can be controlled from your phone/tablet along with other smart features of the house.

You can unlock the house with your fingerprint or facial recognition and control other things like temperature and lights from your phone.