This sleek, Japanese power bank charges your smartphone over 14 times and your laptop over 3.5 times!

Have a good look at this portable battery bank for laptops or other gadgets that’ll be of great utility for coworking spaces as well as work-from-home setups.

Amongst the crowded space occupied by power banks for digital devices, and even laptops, here is a portable laptop power bank that defies the confines of the conventional. It looks more like a smart lantern or a smart speaker, but in fact, this cool-looking accessory is a power bank designed by Okamura. Christened OC, this portable battery is high in form and function, targeted towards the work-from-home regime. After all, Murphy’s law does suggest whatever can happen, will happen!

The USP actually is its appearance that doesn’t hint in any way of a laptop power bank under the matte surface. The Okamura OC comes with a huge power reserve that can charge a laptop 3.5 times over or a smartphone around 14 times. Four power outlets (3 USB Type-C and one USB Type-A outlet) can juice up multiple gadgets in one go – another big plus. You can even take it to the brainstorming session with co-workers or while working from your staycation.

This accessory can be carried around easily around the arm or fingers, thanks to the attached sling. There is a digital display on the front of the power bank to show the amount of battery left. For coworking spaces, multiple OC’s can be charged up using the charging tray that comes with 4 charging slots. So, basically, we are talking about a full day’s supply worth of battery recharge for around six to eight laptops. Mind you, it can also function as an emergency power reserve for unforeseen situations like an earthquake.

Okamura OC portable battery is definitely a gadget worth having in your arsenal – remember we all can’t go even a day without our gadgets that depend on battery power. The cherry on the top is that this sleek battery bank will soon be available for purchase, and you can grab one for yourself right away!

Designer: Okamura

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