The U-Plug aims to enhance the functionality of the electrical plug by reducing the overall number of parts while maintaining safety and ease of use. Besides flexing to fit a variety of outlets, the universally adaptable design also doubles as a socket for another like-plug and provides a safer, tactile grip that can be unplugged with a single finger. Less parts means it’s also cheaper to produce and replace!

Designer: Suraj Patel


  • Not very safe… Far to easy to accidentally touch the two poles!

    The flexibility is a nice idea, though…

  • Bob Scott says:

    form luks intrsting
    but 1 plug behind anothr is stupd! hav u dun no research abt electrcity?

  • Caspar ter Horst says:

    No matter a nice shape or not this design is 100% against the basic safety design for both plugs as well as socket outlets which is that is shall never be possible to have a single pin entry situation which would expose the other pin with the risk (in that case almost the certainty) of an electrical shock.

    Therefor in my opinion proof of total lack of feeling for the basic concepts behind the world of plugs and sockets.

    Note that also as a plug it’s 100% not realisable because it will create a possible single pin entry situation at existing socket outlets.

    I really don’t understand why the designer has not taken this into consideration. This is NOT a solution for a problem this in fact CREATING problems.

  • vasper delechette says:

    The way of inserting wires is SO unsecure
    Theres a reason y exsting pins hav so many parts
    Classic case of trying 2 do too much at a surface level n ending up with nothing meaningful

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