This titanium katana with a chainsaw blade is exactly the kind of bonkers idea Quentin Tarantino would have

Put this chainsaw katana in the hands of Uma Thurman and the Kill Bill franchise would get cut down to just a 10-minute short film.

Seriously though, a katana with a chainsaw built into the edge of its blade sounds a little like overkill… although it’s purely for aesthetic purposes. Designed and built by Koss Workshop, the Titanium Chainsaw Katana is a purely decorative piece, designed to be hung on walls and admired for its craftsmanship and (slightly sadistic) beauty rather than used as a handheld WMD.

The video at the top of the article documents Koss’ entire process as he builds this justifiably bonkers sword from scratch (with timestamps generously factored in too). The katana’s blade comes from three sheets of metal sandwiched together – two 3mm titanium sheets on the outside, and a brass sheet in the middle. Koss then affixes a chainsaw chain on the cutting edge of the blade, drilling holes in the titanium and riveting the entire setup in place. I doubt the chainsaw actually cuts anything (you’d need to swing the sword at whiplash-inducing speeds to actually slice through stuff), although it does the one job it’s meant to pretty well – look intimidating.

The rest of the sword’s made from metal too, including the guard and grip. The grip comes with exposed screws that hold the tang of the blade within the handle, adding to its raw aesthetic. I’m guessing you could unscrew it for maintenance purposes too.

Once fabricated, Koss put up this batshit-crazy sword up for sale on his Etsy page, where it was promptly picked up by an eager customer – probably a Tarantino fan… and now a person of interest on FBI’s watchlist.

Designer: Koss Workshop