This LEGO PACMAN kinetic sculpture actually opens and closes its mouth when you crank the lever!

With over 1,000 supporters, the Pac-Man kinetic sculpture is on the path to being picked up by the LEGO team and turned into a buyable/buildable kit.

The LEGO IDEAS forum is perhaps one of the most outstanding examples of a well-functioning meritocracy. The forum exists for LEGO master-builders to upload and showcase their custom-made design ideas, while the collective LEGO community votes for their favorite designs. As the votes collect over time, the highest-ranking designs get a chance to be produced into actual on-shelf kits that everyone can buy. Today’s design comes courtesy master-builder and retro-gaming-fan LiteBricks. Titled the “Pac-Man Moving Display”, LiteBricks’ little kinetic sculpture is more than just a standalone static toy… it actually moves! With a rotating crank-lever on the side (sort of like a jack-in-the-box) the Pac-Man Moving Display is a fun little interactive toy that features the familiar pill-munching spherical character along with 4 ghosts. Rotate the lever on the side and the ghosts bob up and down, while Pac-Man’s mouth moves vertically too, just like in the videogame!

Designer: LiteBricks

LiteBricks’ design-idea comprises a total 1,603 LEGO pieces, which include the Pac-Man figure, the red/pink/blue/orange ghosts, 4 blue ghosts, 4 ghost eyes, 3 pellets, 1 power pellet, the display stand, the crank-turning mechanism, and 5 figure supports. The manual crank on the side of the stand moves Pac-Man’s mouth and alternates the up and down movement for any 4 adjacent figures – which means you can build out your display in a variety of styles and formats, using any of the characters. Scroll below to see GIFs of LiteBricks’ concept in action and I dare you to not make the WOCKA-WOCKA sound as you see them move!

You can click here to vote for the “Pac-Man Moving Display” idea on the LEGO IDEAS forum. It needs a total of 10,000 votes to go from concept to reality, and the voting is free and open to all.