Your personal aromatherapist

Pium is an incredible smart diffuser that users a wide range of parameters to create the perfect, personalized scent for any given moment! It connects to the user’s smartphone and allows them to create just about any scent that they desire using the intuitive interface.

The body of Pium consists of two main sections, with the top section being removable. When removed the three ready-to-use capsules are revealed, Pium uses these to create the personalized scents; it relies on regular contact with the user’s smart devices to appropriately alter the mood, if it was to detect an elevated heart rate that was picked up by the user’s smartwatch, a calming scent would be admitted.

As for the form, the beautifully elegant, cylindrical design paired with the high-quality, brushed finish allows for Pium to seamlessly fit into a home’s décor and begin freshening the room up instantly.

Designer: cloudandco