OnePlus Concept One smartwatch is a high-quality EDC fitted into a sleek wearable design

This watch conceptualized by Michael Szczególski of 2sympleks Design draws inspiration from the OnePlus Concept One phone that has an electrochromic glass (based on electronic CMF technology) for the camera module glass covering.

OnePlus forayed into the smartwatch market in the early half of this year, but it wasn’t popular amongst tech enthusiasts, given the other smartwatches in the market that offer more. The Never Settle endeavor of the brand seemed to be missing in their first smartwatch, and I’m hoping the table is turned in their next release. This OnePlus Concept One Watch could be the right direction for the brand to foray, if they want to dethrone the best ones like Apple Watch Series 6, Galaxy Watch 3, or Fitbit Sense.

While on first look it might seem like any other smartwatch, there’s one thing that makes it stand out from the crowd. When the camera app is activated, the glass magically turns transparent to reveal the sensors otherwise hidden from plain sight. The Concept One Watch employs this technology to blur the lines between a classic analog watch with kinetic movement and modern-day smartwatch functionality. The Android WearOS watch is a perfect hybrid capable of satisfying proponents of classic watches and ones who like the more modern approach of the connected ecosystem of smartwatches.

This is possible with the electrochromic touchscreen which is completely transparent, revealing the classic watch dial. At the touch of a button with the underlying fingerprint sensor, the watch’s smart functions are triggered. You can control the music, keep track of physical activity, read text messages or make voice calls.

When not required, you can revert back to the completely transparent glass screen mode, revealing the beautiful kinetic watch movement of the hour and seconds hands. You’ll still be able to be notified of important texts or calls, that’ll be indicated by small notifications that in no way intrude on the beautiful watch dial.

The watch’s OnePlus Concept One phone influence is evident in the cool orange strap, accompanying accessories like the charging cable, and packaging. Would I want to sport one on my wrist? Absolutely yes. I hope OnePlus is watching this!

Designer: Michael Szczególski of 2sympleks Design