These multifunctional magnetic cutlery-pieces snap into half to transform into chopsticks!

Like Yin and Yang, the two chopstick halves make up a whole!

A winner of the European Product Design Award, the One Plus Three is all about combining functionality with elegance. Designed as a series of 3 popular cutlery pieces – the spoon, fork, and knife, the cutlery come with a parting line running through the center along with unusually tipped handles. Pull against the direction of this parting line and each cutlery piece splits into two chopsticks that can then be used to go from eating any other cuisine to eating Asian food! By integrating the tableware, One Plus Three hopes to integrate cultures too!

The One Plus Three’s design is rather elegantly creative. The magnets exist only at the ‘head’ of the cutlery and not the handle. In doing so, it ensures that the tableware stays together when being used as a spoon, knife, or fork. However, flip the cutlery over and separate them into two individual chopsticks and now the magnets get spaced further apart, ensuring that they don’t stick together when you’re trying to eat food with the chopsticks! Each cutlery unit even comes with wooden intermediary handles that act as insulation as well as a nifty grip!

Designers: Lu Hua Bin, Li Jun Jie, Zhang Jun Yi