This compact camper with inflatable awning doubles the usable private space for outdoor enthusiasts!

The advent of recreational vehicles has brought a new dimension to the old-school camping setup. Such camper trailers literally bring the comfort, convenience, and luxury of your cozy home to the wheels – and every new design amazes me. The Bailey Discovery D4-2 Camper Trailer is one such creation, tailored for adventure enthusiasts who can’t help but satiate their wanderlust – exploring the untrodden trails. The USP of this camper trailer is its inflatable awning which creates almost double the private space you need for your escapades under the star-studded nights.

On the inside, D4-2 is equipped with all the amenities and a fully furnished interior. Enough to suffice the needs of a couple on their long road trip – with the odd guest coming along the way for a couple of days. The big windows on all sides and the skylight fills the interiors with enough sunlight for a calming feel. The lounge area includes two couches and a fold-down table. In the kitchen, you’ll get an oven/grill combo appliance, a drop-down worktop extension, and a sink. On the opposite side, there is a mini-fridge with space underneath to store food and beverages. You also get the convenience of a shoes and clothes closet along with a separate area for cabinet storage. Of course, there is a good-sized bathroom too!

Coming on to the USP of the camper trailer – the inflatable awning dubbed Discovery Air Awning is made from weather-resistant fabric has a curved wraparound shape that encapsulates one side of the caravan. So that it feels like a separate space, there are removable front and side doors. Also, you get the large overdoor skylights with zip-up curtains to lounge in the outdoors while being protected from the elements or bugs and mosquitoes. What’s more, we can attach an optional inner sleeping tent that accommodates two adults. The awning is very easy to pitch, and when not needed, it can be wrapped up and securely attached to the side of the camper.

The Discovery D4-2 Camper Trailer is designed intuitively on the inside, and the inflatable awning further increases its value three-folds. The extra private space virtually makes you feel at home, and the airy feeling will make you spend a couple of nights more under the starry sky than you actually planned!

Designer: Bailey of Bristol

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