This refrigerator gives us a glimpse of futuristic integrated kitchens

The good old refrigerator is one appliance that any household cannot do without – be it an expansive mansion or a small student apartment. The home appliance keeps all the eatables fresher for longer – and it deserves all the attention in the world for once. Yes, we need to have the next refrigerator evolution in the form of Venine – a design conceptualized by industrial designer You-jin Syn. The idea is simple – preserve the core function of the refrigerator – but with the infusion of a design overhaul and added features.

The motive is to make it convenient for a single-person household in the smallest footprint possible without compromising on the inherent function of the appliance. Syn’s concept germinates from the need for young apartment dwellers to have a smart and convenient way to gulp down quick meals without much fuzz. Rather than taking all the eatables out of the refrigerator and onto the dining table, Venine brings the possibility of dining on the refrigerator counter. Yes, this home appliance has a slide-out counter to keep the meals. This eliminates the chances of spillage too while carrying them elsewhere on a busy Monday morning.

The top half of the Venine refrigerator is where the action happens as the user knocks on the segregated container compartments to reveal the amount of food left in each container. If there is enough, simply opening the door by pressing with a hand is all you need to do. The section of the eatable containers opens at a convenient 45 degrees angle to take out the eatables easily and munch down the meal there and then. When everything is done, simply close the container section and slide the tray back into the refrigerator. Surely, a modern refrigerator my mom would love to see in my apartment!

Designer: Youjin Syn