This all-metal pencil holder will extend the life of your pencils and last generations

Turn your pencil stub into a gloriously fine writing instrument.

Meet the Ferrule, probably the most significant improvement to wooden pencils since they started putting erasers on the opposite end. The Ferrule is a brass pencil enclosure and extender. It upgrades the feeling of using a tiny, frail wooden pencil by enclosing it in a hexagonal brass body that gives you confident strokes, thanks to its weight, and a much more premium writing and drawing experience.

The Ferrule works with all standard pencils (7-8mm in width) up to 120mm in length. Designed to function as a high-end pencil sleeve, the Ferrule works with short pencil stubs too, giving you a consistent premium writing experience throughout. It opens and closes with a simple twisting action, allowing you to lock or release the pencil within with a satisfying click. The opposite end has a holder for erasers too, upgrading your entire writing experience by turning the humble wooden pencil into an incredibly luxurious and premium writing/sketching experience.

The body of the pencil holder comes intricately machined out of brass, with an innovative clutch mechanism that tightly grips the pencil. Designed by the fine folks at Makers Cabinet (who also created the Iris circle-master, and the Stria ruler), the Ferrule comes after months of design iterations focusing on finding that perfect balance between eye-catching form and exquisite function. The result is a brass instrument that transitions from a cylindrical profile to a hexagonal one, creating visual drama while also ensuring the pencil doesn’t roll around on your table. At 45 grams, it has just the right amount of weight to help you draw or write confidently. While being slim enough to fit right inside your stationery kit or even your backpack, the Ferrule is the kind of pencil-holder you’d want to show off, hence the presence of a pocket-clip that lets you keep your pencil close to your chest, letting you easily access it while also allowing you to carry it with pride, like the luxury EDC it is. Each Ferrule ships with 6 cedar pencils (3 HB and 3 2B) and 3 eraser-sticks that fix right on top. As an add-on, you can even grab the Ferrule Sheath, a cover-case made from Badalassi Carlo leather, a set of slick-grey notebooks courtesy of London-based stationery brand Mark + Fold. To complete the premium experience, however, I’d suggest pairing the Ferrule with Makers Cabinet’s HØVEL sharpener, a beautifully complementary brass sharpener inspired by traditional woodworking tools.

Designer: Makers Cabinet

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Ferrule – The Pencil, Elevated

Ferrule is a pencil holder that will extend the life of your pencils, offer an unparalleled drawing/writing experience and will last generations.

Collet Mechanism

Ferrule incorporates an innovative clutch mechanism to grip a wide variety of pencils. The mechanism was inspired by machining collets, a proven and robust engineering tool used to grip milling bits of varying diameters.

Pencil Extender

Ferrule extends your pencil, allowing you to use all of your graphite comfortably. Ferrule fits most common pencil sizes ranging from 7-8mm in diameter, whether it be coloring, charcoal, pastel or even makeup pencils.

Eraser Holder

The eraser holder allows you to extend and replace your natural rubber erasers, maximizing their lifespan. The eraser holder breaks the link between your pencils and their attached erasers, enabling you to use them fully.

Pencil Sharpening

The Cedar Pencil

In collaboration with Kitaboshi in Japan, the team have sourced the highest quality pencils one can find, available in both HB and 2B. They use PEFC Certified incense cedar which is not painted but rather has a light coat of natural nitrous cellulose. Unlike lacquered or painted pencils, our pencils will be fully biodegradable and will not contribute to micro-plastics which are harmful to our natural environment.

Click Here to Buy Now: $75 $94 (20% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $180,000.