This desk was designed to maximize productivity while minimizing your screen time!

Working from home has made us all realize the importance of having a desk and one that actually makes being productive easy! Balance is a desk that was designed for helping you ‘balance’ your everyday life with work. Balance means to keep or bring equilibrium and this design does exactly that by encouraging time away from your screens and creating a more physical connection with your surroundings.

The team wanted to inspire young people to work hard and play hard – a desk that encouraged finding a balance between digital and analog environments. “The idea behind Balance product is to use digital interfaces as inspiration to create a new hybrid experience for the user. The form and modular qualities of the design evoke the digital touchscreen interfaces we use every day but with a tridimensional layer that creates a tactile and tangible experience. This new approach brings builds a bridge between the connectivity and structure of the digital environment and the visual and physical experience of products,” explains the designer duo.

Balance is a multi-functional desk that an creates organized, personalized, and productive work experience. It features a canvas and six types of modules (Surface, White Board, Cork, Kanban, Time, and Shelf) that are magnetically attatched to the canvas. You can pick and choose the modules that work best for your needs, work style, and aesthetics preference while also combining them to be integrated with productivity techniques like Kanban and Pomodoro. Assemble the canvas to the arm by adjusting four screws through the standard VESA monitor connection. A C-shaped clamp connects the arm to the desk. Each module has strong neodymium magnets that connect them to the canvas. Furthermore, the whiteboard comes with an adjustable stand so you can use it on the desk surface for a more natural and ergonomic position to draw/write. Even the light angle can be adjusted by simply moving the module up and down.

Th desk’s canvas is made from high-impact polystyrene and powder-coated steel for a rigid, magnetic, and durable surface to hold the modules. The modules are made from injection-molded HDPE giving them adequate rigidity for the structure, softness to the touch, and satin finish. Balance also lets you customize the finishes/accents with a choice of walnut, oak, and cork. Some finishes use special magnetic paint for a marker-friendly writing surface.

There was a lot of research that went into Balance’s design – the personality, work environments, and workflows of various people in their respective jobs as well as a variety of productivity and work management techniques were studied. The team also analyzed different physical and digital interfaces to understand what products were more effective, easy to use, and popular among people. This final outcome resulted in a product that is flexible, organized, modular, easy to use, and personalized!

Balance Desk and Work Manager by Hernan Gregorio and Julia Stabio is Winner in Office Furniture Design Category, 2020 – 2021.

Designers: Hernan Gregorio and Julia Stabio