This tiny portable UV flashlight lets you instantly disinfect objects and surfaces in 10 seconds, killing 99.9% germs

Ultraviolet light works much more effectively than a sanitizer spray. It goes in nooks and corners where sprays can’t, cleans objects and surfaces in 10 seconds, and more importantly, it never runs out!

The Ultra-Guard CAPSULE isn’t your average EDC product. It’s a part of a slowly expanding wave of new-age EDC designs that were created to help us live in a germ-free environment without compromise. A lot of these multi-tools help us interact with surfaces and interfaces without physically touching them – from tapping buttons and opening doors to carrying bags. The Ultra-Guard CAPSULE takes things a step further – equipped with a built-in UVC lamp, the Ultra-Guard CAPSULE lets you keep your belongings and surroundings clean with a simple wave of your hand. The two-part tool comes with a disinfecting LED lamp that lets you instantly clean and sanitize daily objects from your toothbrush to your AirPods and surfaces by merely shining a light on them like a wand, as well as a durable stylus that lets you poke, prod, tap, and swipe on buttons and digital interfaces in a hands-free manner. Its two-fold approach covers a wide variety of interactions, allowing you to go about your day without second-thinking every single surface you touch, and its biggest win is that it’s all bundled in a portable, simple, and affordable design that lasts for years.

The most interesting feature of the Ultra-Guard CAPSULE has to be its contact-less sanitizing lamp. CE and SGS certified, the lamp lets you disinfect surfaces that require physical interaction like doorknobs and handles, your laptop keyboard, the handle on a shopping cart, or even a toilet seat. You could even use it as a sterilizing wand to sanitize items like your toothbrush, razor, AirPods, spectacles, and other belongings. Designed to provide complete contact-less cleaning in just 10 seconds, the specially calibrated 260-280nm UVC lamp helps neutralize 99.9% of microorganisms on any surface. It’s a technique used in medical facilities and on flights too, allowing you to instantly and effectively sanitize virtually anything without spraying chemicals or wiping them down with Kleenex. Working quite like the sun does, although on a much smaller scale, Ultra-Guard CAPSULE’s lamp covers a wide variety of usage cases… and for quick interactions, the durable stylus offers a simple and speedy tapping interaction. Once you’re done, the stylus docks within the lamp’s housing, allowing itself to be self-sanitized too.

The Ultra-Guard CAPSULE comes in a nice, handy, EDC-worthy design that fits well in your pocket, handbag, or backpack, and can be carried around wherever you go, allowing you to clean surfaces without busting out a Kleenex. Designed to be an item you’d keep around you and carry everyday, everywhere, the Ultra-Guard CAPSULE provides an effective, portable way of cleaning objects and surfaces. Its design even features a hook-like detail that lets you grab and grip handles with a fair bit of dexterity. The UVC lamp operates at a peak biocidal wavelength of 260-280 nm, allowing it to completely break down the cellular structure of microorganisms while still being safe to be used by humans (however, avoid shining it against your skin). In its compact and handy avatar, the lamp becomes your one-stop solution to sanitize any object you have around the house. It’s safe to work with gadgets like your keyboard or earphones, as well as personal-care objects like your toothbrush or make-up brushes too, and even safely disinfect items like cutlery and baby soothers too, doing a far more effective job than most other cleaning methods. The lamp isn’t just more effective than the strongest sanitizers, it’s non-toxic too and does its job in just 10 seconds to neutralize germs and sanitize a surface or object… and unlike a sanitizer, it never runs out. Just keep charging it via the USB-C port in its base!

Designers: Eddie Lou & Susie Wen

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Ultra Guard CAPSULE – Sanitize your Personal Items

The CAPSULE is an EDC device with self-sanitizing features for sterilizing personal items like the AirPods, iPhones, makeup kits, toothbrushes, and much more.

Removes 99.9% of Germs with One Click

The CAPSULE removes 99.9% of germs in 10 seconds. Insert your AirPods, razorblade, earring, utensils into the “Light Chamber” for fast sterilization, 10 seconds of direct UV-C light by a single click on the power button will begin breaking down the DNA of harmful germs, the electromagnetic spectrum destroys hazardous microorganism’s ability to multiply and spread danger without harming your personal items.

Proprietary “Light Chamber”

The UV-C LED in the Light Chamber is precision-tuned to the peak biocidal wavelength of 260-280 nm damaging molecules like nucleic acids and proteins. This makes the germ incapable of performing the processes that it needs to survive. Once fully charged CAPSULE is capable of 180 uses.

Chemical-free Cleaning & Certified by the SGS

Traditional methods of keeping your personal belongings clean can be inconvenient, wasteful, and harmful to the environment. Ultra-Guard™ provides an effective, safe, and chemical-free method of cleaning anywhere, anytime. Ultra-Guard CAPSULE is the UV-C sanitizing device certified by the SGS and CE, one of the most authoritative independent labs in the world.

For The Smallest Personal Items

The CAPSULE provides a fast and accessible solution that allows you to perform a deep cleanse on your personal items.

UV Wand Mode

The CAPSULE can be used as a UV wand too, once activated it allows you to sterilize larger areas just by waving the UV light over them (like door handles, keyboards, smartphones, face masks, steering wheel, toilet seat). Hold the CAPSULE two centimeters above the surface for 10 seconds to maximize the impact on UV sterilizing, and you can easily clean your belongings.

The average keyboard contains more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

Your phone is covered in germs: 25,127 bacteria per square inch, to be precise.

Public toilet seats are a hotbed for bacteria and you could potentially pick up an infection. … And in fact, studies have found that this “toilet plume” contains E. coli, SARS, and norovirus.

Features & Benefits

Pocket-Size – Lightweight, flexible, and compact enough to fit on your keychain, in your pocket, or in your purse.

Massive Battery Capacity – Equipped with a fast-charging built-in battery making it easy to keep charged while on the go so users are always protected. A full-charged (30minute) CAPSULE is able to disinfect your surroundings and belongings 180+times.

Self-sanitizing – This means that not only does it help purify whatever surface it comes in contact with but it also cleans itself. This cutting-edge technology ensures that every single use is clean and sanitized.

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