OPPO’s version of the Hololens shows that the company is serious about a mixed-reality future

Deciding to be more than a smartphone company, OPPO unveiled its expanded vision of the future at its Inno Day 2019 conference. Designed to be OPPO’s answer to the Microsoft Hololens, the mixed reality headset comes with a similar design with the inclusion of a forehead-rest, and runs OPPO’s Glass OS.

The company hasn’t revealed any tech specs or even its tentative pricing yet, but OPPO is gearing for a 2020 launch. The Glasses, however, come with features that put it at par with the Hololens. They include support for 3D sound, in order to offer a truly immersive AR experience, while sporting as many as 4 cameras (two fisheye, one HD, and one Time-of-Flight) to accurately capture the world around you in visual as well as physical detail to help you position, track, and interact with objects in your view. And here’s the most promising bit. The glasses even come with 5G support, for a seamless mixed reality experience!

Designer: OPPO