This minimalist Android home screen helps cut the clutter and reduces your screen-time

If you’ve spent the past year just doom-scrolling because there was some new breaking news every week, believe me, you’re definitely not alone. We’ve been pushed into using screens more, connecting with people through video chat, consuming news through press conferences and news channels, and Instagram and Twitter have practically become an inseparable part of our social life online. The past year’s been out of control and our exposure to screens has been so too… it’s time to fix that.

Smartphones are by design, made to be addictive. Google wants you using its services, Facebook wants you on its platforms, Apple needs you within its ecosystem, so every app or OS competes for your attention. It’s common to feel sensory overload after a point, seeing multiple notifications, observing that red dot above an icon, or just seeing hundreds of icons on your phone. minimalist phone cuts that by pulling a Marie Kondo on your smartphone interface. Designed to be a minimalist UI for your Android phone, minimalist phone cuts the clutter and focuses on the two things that are important – crucial information, and your mental wellbeing.

minimalist phone is an Android home screen that works with any phone running Android 6.0 or above. Available for free, the theme turns your information-dense home screen into a clean, clear, zen-like interface. You don’t need to buy a ‘dumb phone’ or a new smartphone with a minimalist UI, like the Light Phone or the Punkt MP02. minimalist phone works with the Android phone you have, altering its theme to make it more ‘pure’ and less ‘cluttered’. It strips the visuals away, presenting everything in a beautifully minimal text format against a neutral background… you can even choose your own background color to customize your minimal theme. minimal phone is GDPR-compliant too, which means it doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information (PII) from any users, making it privacy-conscious too.

The home screen focuses on a visual-free, clutter-free interface that’s almost like reading a book (some may compare it to command prompt). A simple background with text in the foreground makes it easy to use your phone, find apps, and browse your interface without feeling fatigued. The minimalist phone home screen has a clock on top along with important apps like your phone, messages, calendar, and calculator right below. Swipe right and you get to access all your applications, laid out like a menu card. The UI provides you with all the functionality you need with no compromise, but strips away everything that could be addictive and detrimental to your wellbeing. minimalist phone also lets you regulate your notifications and even hide apps that you’re more prone to overuse. It doesn’t put you at the mercy of Android’s addictive interface… rather, it gives YOU the power, letting you tweak your phone experience and curb your screen addiction. After all, YOU should control your phone… Your phone shouldn’t control you.

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minimalist phone – Turn Your Android Phone into a Minimalist Phone

The minimalist phone is a minimalist launcher app that can help you use your phone in a mindful way. Its simple and modern interface minimizes toxic usage patterns and extends your battery life.

Designed to Reduce Your Brain’s Dopamine Addiction

If the first thing you reach for when you open your eyes is your phone, then this app is for you. Download this app to help you shorten your daily screen time. Unlike other launcher apps, it was designed to direct your focus on your most productive apps and help you focus on what matters.

Use Your Phone in a Mindful Way

With minimalist phone, you consciously decide which app to open and when. Open the apps that you need and avoid the apps that are distractions.

How Does it Work?

minimalist phone is a custom home screen for android phones that replaces your default home screen. Its unique and minimalist user interface is designed to support mindful phone use and avoid mindlessly spending hours on your phone with a traditional home screen. Currently, all Android phones with OS version 6.0 and higher, which represents the majority of currently active Android phones, are supported.

Click Here to Download Now! Exclusive for YD readers, use Promo Code “REGAINFOCUS” for a Free 3-days trial!