My Rolling Stones Ticket is Made of Grass, Man

The O2 ticketing system is a wonderful little system for those with a green thumb (or for those who wish they had one) to remind themselves of all the little things nature does for us terrible human concertgoers. While a normal ticket to an event only stands to get lost, this one reminds the user of their upcoming joy every day! This living ticketing system saves the environment, one treehuggin’ concertgoer at a time! Very crunchy music oriented.

Any of you have an ephemera-based design class in college? I did, and designing the tickets for an event was the most fun I had. Unique ticketing isn’t a field that’s been explored to a real giant degree, mostly because tickets are generally made in large quantities and past the point of purchase. But what if the ticket were enticing enough to buy on its own? Neat.

As the designer, Gil Cocker puts it: “This is a two part ticketing system – a couple of weeks before the festival, privileged ticket buyers receive a bag in the post with all the ingredients to grow grass, which in turn will replace the O2 exerted at the big event. Requiring attention on a daily basis, it helps to remind the individual that the big day is growing closer every day.”

Can anyone tell me, or us, the world, if the good that this project would do would be worth the amount of materials and production necessary for the making? Hypothetically, of course.

Designer: Gil Cocker