Finally, a stroller tots will love!

One problem with current stroller designs is that they do little to appeal to the emotional attachment of the toddlers who ride in them. Most are built around functionalities required by parents, & aesthetics take a back seat. But what’s the point if your kid is miserable riding in it?! After all, happy kids make happy parents! The Strollon stroller taps into the imagination of the child & yet doesn’t sacrifice functionality. It’s so cool you’ll wish you were small enough to ride in it.

The idea was to give kids a stroller experience that makes them feel as if they have their own car, so the design is fit with features like a windscreen, lateral windows, doors, and a sporty exterior. Genius!

Designer: Amir Labidi


  • Nol says:

    Way too inefficient. 20 years a go, buggies took about the space of a folded umbrella, today’s buggies take more room and invade public transport, mothers even use it as leverage…

    This takes about the space of a small car without being functional. Nah.

  • Torin Nguyen says:

    you clearly has not have a kid before. good luck carrying that around.

  • pascal says:

    won´t pass any door. and people will stumble over the wheel-construction

  • mif991 says:

    I understand the idea behind this, but somewhere along your career, you need to come to grips with ergonomics and research that addresses real life. Don’t get down by tough crits, just learn from them.

  • Amine says:

    Yeah ! man ! cool Design !

  • mattbikeboy says:

    Cute, but you’d need a monster truck to transport it around and don’t leave the child in the sun. Consider making it in two pieces that fold relatively flat (maybe hinged at the bottom). Ergonomics for the parent is what strollers are about, if a parent can’t use it conveniently, they will not use it.

  • Jn says:

    The problem with contemporary pram design is that they inconvenience the people around them. Prams need to be smaller.

  • Amtail says:

    Looks really cool and fun but doesn’t look very sturdy and seems to me that the baby will outgrow it in months… Besides, there is not much storage space to keep the diaper bag as well as to hang some shopping bags..

  • Amtail says:

    Looks really cool and fun but doesn’t look very sturdy and seems to me that the baby will outgrow it in months… Besides, there is not much storage space to keep the diaper bag as well as to hang some shopping bags.. Most importantly, can a baby sleep in it comfortably?

  • Tracey says:

    And how is this huge thing going to steer, and even more importantly, how am I going to fit this in the back of my minivan?? Have you ever USED a stroller? This just seems completely impractical.

  • David says:

    Prams need to be a smarter and smaller where we can easily kept it outside..Good design but not better.

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  • joe ryan says:

    you are joking right…

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