Lacoste-themed Polaroid 600 instant film camera is boxy crocodile every photography enthusiast will love!

As the gloom of the pandemic continues, two brands – rather distinct in approach – have collaborated for a Spring 2021 collection complete with a rainbow of colors. The Technicolor capsule collection is an outcome of the uncanny partnership between Lacoste and Polaroid that comprises an instant camera and clothing made in each other’s iconic styles.

Lacoste-themed Polaroid 600 instant film camera in red and green hue is the highlight of the consortium. This boxy camera mimics the former’s crocodile logo – in an animated form of course – when the built-in flash is popped open. The peppy camera strikes an instant chord with the era gone by thanks to its retro look and bold use of colors. On the other hand, Polaroid-themed Lacoste apparels feature Technicolor sweatshirts, tracksuits, swimwear, T-shirts, and the like, with Polaroid photo prints in the brand’s rainbow logo that transports you back to the 1960s.

While the spectrum of Polaroid colors goes from photography to fabric, the Lacoste touch to the Polaroid camera transposes a new attraction to the classic Polaroid 600 instant film camera. A genuine piece of vintage retro-tech, this is in all respects a functional camera instead of being just a charming little boxy crocodile one may count it out for on the first glance. With its retro spirit, this new Polaroid 600 offers highly saturated style and if you want to own the fancy cam, it is available in Europe along with a strap and a pack of 600 color film for €150.

Designer: Lacoste x Polaroid

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