Vollebak uses 55 laser cuts to reinvent the World War I trench coat design!

Talk of creative high-performance clothing, and Vollebak is the first name that comes to mind. The London-based brand has surprised us in the past with its timeless creations that are made from cutting-edge material and techniques that are normally not used in the clothing industry. This time too it’s no different, as Vollebak has a trench coat to give you that killer classic look. Trench coat dates back almost 100 years, developed during World War One as an essential to keep warm while being comfy, to repel water, and providing a good amount of camouflaging from the enemy eyes. According to Vollebak, they’ve reinvented the classic trench coat almost a century on with cutting-edge technology that infuses it with a unique aesthetic.

Vollebak Laser Cut Trench Coat has to be one the most innovative of its kind as far as, cutting-edge material technology goes. As the name itself suggests, this trench coat is crafted with 55 cuts of the laser beam, before finally adopting the intended shape by bonding together the raw coat pieces. Interestingly, as the heat from the laser vaporizes, sealing off the edges gives the coat an unparalleled raw look. The material of the trench coat chosen by Vollebak is a high-performance 3-layer Swiss material that boasts a very supreme level of elasticity and abrasion resistance. On top of that, it is highly breathable and waterproof.

Apparel with that signature Vollebak touch is not complete, and for this trench coat, they added a reinforced collar and a detachable storm flap. Adding to the oomph factor, the coat is embellished with bonded vents and intricate metal detailing. The classic military green color of the trench coat is so timeless, and I’m already mustering up ideas as to what combination will go with this unique apparel.

Designer: Vollebak