The best iPad keyboard money can buy


The good thing about Apple is also the bad thing about Apple. Its products, no matter how flawlessly sleek they look, aren’t the best they can be. This led to the sporadic growth of companies and startups that dedicated their efforts towards making accessories for Apple products that empower them. The Typo Keyboard is one such accessory.

Designed to give you the iPad Pro experience without selling your kidney, the Typo Keyboard is all set to blow your mind. Crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum (obviously), the keyboard features full-sized keys, a protective casing, and probably the best thing about this, a friction hinge that allows you to set your tablet at a desired angle. Another nifty addition is the fact that the keyboard is detachable, giving you the kind of flexibility even the iPad Pro doesn’t offer. Amazed? Did I also mention the keyboard case comes with an Auto-correct app that allows you to to have full functionality over your content. I DARE you to find me a suitable rival!

The TYPO Keyboard Case won the iF Design Award for the year 2016, and a Good Design award for the year 2015.

Designer: blueMap Design