This height adjustable kickstand scooter with fingerprint recognition is a must have for 2021!

Kick scooters come in all shapes and sizes – some are compact while others are lightweight. Finding a scooter that has both these features is a rarity, and to top it off, if there are other practical additions (that are so 2021 worthy), then it’s a hard one to give a miss. This electric kick scooter designed by Jaekyoung Oh is ideal for standing or sitting commute – giving riders the freedom to choose one as and when required. The shift can be done in under a minute by pushing and pulling the lever using the lock holder for the ultimate convenience of riding without missing out on the fun element.

Dubbed the A R C _ Electric kickboard, this minimal kick scooter’s design has a very modern approach – keeping in mind practicality of use. Things like the foot support can be toggled depending on the sitting position by simply pressing lightly with the feet. To ensure no one has unwanted access to your ride, it comes with a fingerprint recognition system with intelligent security built into the display that also shows the vital telemetry like the level of charge, real-time speed, and navigation details. As for the looks, the kick scooter comes in a very cool black and silver metal combo for the overall body design, well complemented by the hip yellow-red on the handlebar to spice up things for urban users.

The simplicity of this kick scooter’s design is what makes it so desirable – ideal for an urban lad who’s looking for a convenient commuter powered by pure electric energy. Jaekyoung has actually managed to understand what a user truly wants in their kick scooter, and this design a testament to that fact!

Designer: Jaekyoung Oh