This modern cabin in the Iranian mountainside makes for the perfect summer getaway!

Situated in the Chelav Mountains of Iran’s Mazandaran province sits a beautifully built and serene cabin. Created by Iranian architects Mohammad Hossein Rabbani Zade and Mohammad Mahmoodiye, the structure has been deemed the Lima Cabin. The Lima Cabin and its surrounding mountain landscape is a far cry from the dry, hot, and sandy images of Iran that have been encapsulated in our minds. The architectural escape looks like the perfect vacation getaway, tucked in the midst of trees and lush greenery, promising peace, silence, and a clean break from our bustling everyday lives.

Modern, minimal, and clean, the Lima cabin boasts an A-frame structure, although it cannot be compared to the traditional A-frame cabins we are so used to. Exquisitely pleasing to the eyes, yet highly functional, the cabin features two main areas or spaces. The two pyramid-shaped structures (which almost look like mountains, as the cabin has been inspired by the surrounding mountains!) represent these two spaces, and they are connected by a corridor, creating an open and spacious holiday home, while efficiently utilizing the square footage of the space. The living room is a beautiful communal space, wherein the residents of the home can lounge about, interact and connect. The wooden kitchen counter and dining table serve as intimate meal spots, where you can share a meal with your family and friends, and nurture the shared holiday spirit. I love the little swing chair placed next to one of the floor-to-ceiling windows, it serves as a cozy nook to simply gaze out and enjoy nature while reading your favorite book! The home also consists of a single master bedroom and an accompanying bathroom. The bed is placed against a floor-to-ceiling window, allowing you to wake up to the warms rays of the sun streaming into the room. One of my favorite features of the cabin is the terrace right at its entrance! It’s the perfect spot for setting up a grill and having a fun barbecue session. Or you can simply settle down for a sunbath while listening to some of your favorite tunes. As much as the cabin caters to your recreation and relaxation needs, it also caters to the more practical aspects as well and provides parking space for two vehicles.

The 1560 square foot luxurious cabin really does seem like a safe haven in the midst of the Iranian mountainside. It’s been neatly tucked amidst nature, protecting you from the hustle-bustle of the city. I had never really considered Iran as my next holiday destination, but something about the Lima Cabin is simply calling out to me! It’s occupied a space on my holiday bucket list for sure.

Designer: Mohammad Hossein Rabbani Zade and Mohammad Mahmoodiye