These objects merge outside & inside world into a new visual, haptic, functional design!

Outside/Inside was created to question the traditional understanding of a “vessel” and reimagine it with materials like pine needles to not only add more function but also give it a refreshing form. “What do you understand as a ‘vessel’? What image comes to mind if I tell you to describe it? Now, how far can you stretch that image? How far is too far?” asked the duo as they worked on reinterpreting the meaning through their design. Just like wild grass, it looks like the ‘vessel’ is growing from the surface it is kept on. What I love is the usage of pine needles because it is an underrated and under-explored natural material. Pine needles also bring a touch of nature inside on your shelf or desk. It also adds a poetic theme to the design as its colors, smell, and texture change over time letting you experience the ‘seasons’ of Outside/Inside.

It works with the existing properties of densely packed pine needles that grip and hold things – use it to hold up memos, stationery, flower stems, and more! Outside/Inside gives the conventional round/square based vessel with walls a new meaning by letting you organize objects efficiently, into an entirely new visual, haptic and functional experience. Breaking away from the clinical nature of modern product design, Its form allows the user to come up with their own unique ways of using the object, striking a sense of curiosity and discovery.

Designer: Gaurav Wali and Yashika Munjal