Titanium and silver fibers in this towel help it be naturally anti-bacterial and odor-free

The world’s strongest metal in something as soft as a towel? Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Then again, spiderwebs are apparently 5 times stronger than steel, so I really don’t know what to think anymore… I just leave the science to the experts.

Speaking of experts, the guys behind the Titan Yarn really fashion themselves as top towel talent. The Titan Yarn, developed over an entire year of testing and research, is a towel that’s simultaneously soft as well as strong. It comes with a unique waffle texture that helps it gently exfoliate the skin, while the increased surface area allows it to dry much faster than traditional towels. Besides, the Titan Yarn even comes with 8% premium silver and titanium fibers woven into its fabric. These fibers (which are even visible when you look up close) help the Titan Yarn self-disinfect as well as self-deodorize, leaving you with a fresh, dry, comfortable towel every time.

The waffle-shaped texture helps set the Titan Yarn apart from your conventional fuzzy towel. The texture is a classic example of ‘form following function’, where the towel both looks as well as behaves differently from other towels. The waffle texture provides a higher surface area for the towel, aiding it in absorbing water faster as well as drying faster. Additionally, it gives the towel the ability to stretch in any direction, while ensuring it doesn’t ever get deformed over time, keeping your towel looking new all the time.

Along with looking new, the Titan Yarn claims it has the ability to feel and smell new too. The towel’s fabric is made up of a blend of Egyptian FINX cotton integrated with silver and titanium fibers that help keep the towel fresh over time, while also possessing the ability to gently exfoliate your skin. Silver strands within the towel help neutralize microorganisms by breaking them apart using silver ions, while the titanium strands have the unique ability to decompose organic molecules, eliminating any odorous compounds to keep the towel always smelling like it’s fresh out of the packaging!

All this aside, the Titan Yarn towels are lightweight and easy-to-carry too. They come in three sizes – bath towel, hand towel, and face towel, and are available in a single natural-white color to minimize the use of chemicals and dyes. All of Titan Yarn’s towels are manufactured in Oeko-Tex certified factories, and ship in biodegradable bags made from sugarcane. Grab yours now at the special Early Bird pricing!

Designers: Christoph Bohrer, Martin Wagner & Yang Han

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Titan Yarn – Antimicrobial Waffle Towel with Titanium & Silver

The Titan Yarn is a specially formulated waffle weave towel made with 8% premium silver and titanium fibers to actively fights towel stink and bad bacteria.

The anti-microbial Ag + Ti fibers kill fungus, mold, and as many as 650 types of bacteria effectively.

40% Faster Drying Time

The waffle weave features a unique three-dimensional, square-like waffle texture coming with a naturally larger surface area. Your towel can dry off quickly and easily. The fabric provides effective airflow to allow for a much faster drying time compared to other towels.

Ultra-absorbent Waffle Structure

The highly-functional textured surface is also the key element for the ultra-absorbency of Titan Yarn.

High-plush Softness

With the modern waffle weaving technique, their thoughtfully selected fibers are blended and combined into a towel that’s also wildly soft, plush, and completely luxurious. The honeycombed structure is naturally elastic and adds to extra fluffiness to the touch.


Titan Yarn is made up of naturally smell-resistant titanium yarn and silver fibers that eliminate odor-causing bacteria. The strong anti-odor fibers are paired perfectly – not only do they wipe out germs thoroughly, they can break down saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

The fatty acids produced by bacteria deactivate enzymes that prevent itchy breakouts and unsanitary protein. By effectively breaking down the fatty acids, Titan Yarn keeps you away annoying acnes.

Super Resilient

The custom waffle texture is carefully tweaked to make Titan Yarn a strong and structural towel. It’s extra soft, but also super resilient. This towel is never going to shrink on you.

Effective After 250 Washes

The magical yarn are created by attaching pure silver to fibers, instead of only attaching silver-ions from a chemical solution. The quantity and durability of silver ions is guaranteed.

Lightweight Fabric

Apart from being super absorbent, the waffle fabric is more lightweight to save space when compacted and stored. They have found a great balance between volume and weight (520 GSM), so that it is not overly heavy but feels solid.

Natural Silver & Titanium Fibers

Made from pure silver coated yarn and titanium fibers, instead of chemically attached solution. Titan Yarn saves you from worrying about the side effects caused by unnatural materials.

Egyptian Cotton

The best and most sustainable cotton is an extra-soft, all natural long staple cotton called FINX Cotton grown in Egypt. The long-staple cotton makes your towel softer over time and resistant against shedding & pilling.

Modern Waffle Weaving Technique

The three-dimensional waffle towel has a fascinating relief-weaving deep structure with warp running vertically. The threads pile up to form a honeycombed textile structure.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $85 (30% off). Hurry, only 34/100 left!