The iPhone 12 MagSafe charger gets an old-fashioned touch with Grovemade’s wooden charging stand

The iPhone user certainly has an archetype, doesn’t it? I’m thinking of someone with AirPods in their ears, Starbucks coffee in one hand, Tesla keys in the other. However, that archetype only speaks to a small subset of iPhone users. There is, however, a certain sect of iPhone users who share an affinity for the old-fashioned touch. I’m talking wooden desk, wooden pen-stand, hand-carved wicker chair. Grovemade‘s products clearly cater to that latter category of people.

I wouldn’t outright call Grovemade old-fashioned, but rather I’d say their work is a confluence of sensibilities and materials. Primarily relying on wood and metal to craft their products, Grovemade’s designs boast of an old-world charm that’s also intertwined with modern minimalism. Take for instance the Wood MagSafe Stand, available in both Walnut and Maple variants. The stand, which sports a wooden halo mounted on a steel base, allows you to slip your iPhone MagSafe wireless charger in, routing the cable from the bottom. It then gives your iPhone 12 a nice, wooden armchair to hang out on, letting you rest it in either landscape or portrait while it charges. Paired perfectly with any of Grovemade’s other wooden tabletop accessories, and probably a nice glass of barrel-aged whiskey

Designer: Grovemade