Blind Measuring Made Easy


MeasuRING is a coin-size tool that allows blind individuals to intuitively and accurately measure lengths of segments, curves and even circles. It has a very simple operating principle: when rolling upon even surfaces, the ring “jumps” on equal 10 cm intervals, the total length being calculated by simply counting and summing up the number of ring jumps. Its low cost, compact size, light weight, as well as its simple user-friendliness make it exceptionally valuable for enhancing the independence of those with visual impairments.

When starting the measuring process from an external edge, the external indicator denoting a segment of 10 cm, is positioned equally at the measured surface edge so that its start position is zero. When measuring an internal edge, the ring’s radius needs to be added to the total length. The tool is made of hard sheet-like materials with the external edge covered by a ridged sillicon strip which amplifies resistance upon rolling.

Designer: EDO Design Studio