Apple-inspired hand tool designs that will be every woodworking enthusiasts dream come true!

As a woodworking enthusiast who always seizes the opportunity to create a niche sculpture, furniture piece, or fencing for the outdoors, the tools used are as essential as the skilled hand. One usually would shirk away from displaying the good old hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, or the plier on the living room table or your desk. But the handmade tools collection by Tej Chauhan crafted in collaboration with Finnish brand Fiskars for Handmade Wallpapers is a refreshing change to that contemporary belief.

Rather than sitting in the toolbox, this set of designer woodworking/hand tools is good enough for showing off when not being used for the next eye-candy creation or simply after a regular handyman task like fixing the kitchen’s leaking tap. The idea here is to highlight the beauty of everyday hand tools like a hammer or a plier in its best form possible. Each design improves the tool, making them the next generation – a version 2.0 of the tools. The pencil has a built-in bubble level to check the straightness of any surface. The hammer’s sharp end gets a more rounded, ergonomic design that helps you pull out the stray nails without causing any self-injury. Even the plier comes with a strap, so you don’t accidentally drop it on your foot. The tools carry an integrated aesthetics, making the wood and metal appear seamless. The powder-coated finish ensures the tool does not rust and become dull over time. In fact, given their minimal look, these tools bring to mind Apple’s design language – making these the Apple of the tool world.

Conceptualized and designed keeping in mind the modern aesthetics that the consumer demands in their every walk of life, the collection is nothing short of stunning. The use of white and fine craftsmanship to shape these tools speaks a lot about how we perceive everyday objects.
Tej has in a way infused new life in the collection of hand tools designed here with the utmost care and attention to detail. When you need to carry them to your next fixing task, the leather carry bag is the perfect accessory to complement the style. So, don’t you already want to have this on your list of things to own? I certainly do!

Designer: Tej Chauhan