Giant Airpod speakers that are a must-have collectible for every Apple fan!

Music is life, and it’s an audiophile’s way to resonate with the sounds of this universe. No doubt the music industry is a huge market and the audio listening accessories are a virtual hit with everyone on the planet. Portable speakers have evolved as one accessory that most of us fancy, given their easy carrying aesthetics – tailored for any and every occasion. While you might want to have so far only craved the usual looking portable speakers, hang on and have a look at this XL Speaker. Eerily shaped like Airpods, the portable speaker is the ideal yet punny way to match with your Apple ecosystem.

A gargantuan earbud, but for your portable music listening needs, it is one accessory that you’ll come back to no matter how many other compact speakers you already own. The speaker is not just about its cool looks, it does have an impactful sound signature honed by the deep bass, true surround sound, and 3D base stereo for every audible detail to please your ears. The fact that the XL Speaker is up for grabs in a bunch of color options – blue, yellow, green, pink, black, and white – there’s one for every audiophile. Besides a cool portable audio listening, this is undeniable eye-candy material – one to brag about with your buddies.

The XL speaker comes with plenty of connectivity options besides the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that has a 30 meters connectivity range. It has a TF card reader, USB thumb drive ports, memory card slots and the good old 3.5 mm audio jack support. For hands-free calling the speaker comes with a high-definition microphone. To make sure you never run out of juice for your pool party or crazy gaming sessions, the 1200mAh battery has got you covered with a promised 3 hours battery life on full blast. When you hold this speaker in your hand from its base, one can mistake it for a hairdryer – any which way this portable speaker is too cool to give a miss.

Via: XLSpeaker