This prosthetic leg grows with your child!

Prosthetics are expensive and if you have you start using them when you are young, it is an exponential cost that keeps increasing as you grow. It is not convinient or affordable to keep getting new prosthetics, so designer Snezana Jeremic has come up with a concept that grows with you! Ring is an adjustable, custom-made prosthetic leg designed specifically for transtibial amputee children in developing countries to help reduce costs while bettering their quality of life.

The conceptual prosthetic leg aims to make the otherwise rigid medical equipment more flexible especially to fit seamlessly in the life of a growing child. The user will wear the leg and it can be adjusted it as they grow to make sure the fit is always optimal and comfortable. “Ring achieves this thanks to an adjustable foot portion to ensure an optimal stride as well as the upper portion that can be paired with additional rings to suit the person’s body as they grow and develop,” says Jeremic.

Ring is a conversation starter that addresses the need for more modular healthcare equipment. Prosthetics like these make sure that individuals don’t need a whole new device every time they have a growth spurt!

Designer: Snezana Jeremic