A sustainably designed shoebox that can protect, carry and display your footwear!

Looking for something that can protect your precious shoe collection but not create more waste? Meet Standbox – a shoebox, that can protect, carry, and present shoes! It has a small compact form which already gives it an edge over its counterparts and the storage also works as a display which makes it unique. The idea was to create a product that provides energy while saving space space not only to the user but also to its manufacturer and seller during production, distribution, and storage stages.

Standbox reduces the carbon footprint right at the manufacturing stage because it lets the manufacturer can distribute more products at once. Because of the material choice, the seller and user do not need those big plastic organizers to store and present the shoes. A big advantage of this design is that it can be carried on its own without the need for a plastic or paper bag unlike others of its kind in the market.

“It is a clever packaging design that aims to use energy resources more efficiently, take up less space than its counterparts, to minimize the need for extra plastic and cardboard,” says Bulut. The packaging itself doubles up as storage and display which creates minimal waste while saving space. Designed to be long-lasting, it can create a new life cycle after serving its purpose of packaging/shoebox. Standbox adds value to the existing packaging by simple tweaks that keep in mind the needs of the user, manufacturer, seller as well as the impact of the entire cycle, from production to waste, on the environment.

Desginer: Elif Bulut