Sustainable Product Designers, Take Notes from This Light Kit’s No-Waste Packaging

Most designs have not found a way to integrate their packaging as part of their product, but they should take notes from the Light Box. So what is it? True to its name, the Light Box is a mini electric light kit, consisting of three small light bulb modules, three solar panels, and a charging wire. The cardboard packaging, an eco-friendly, lightweight box (see what they did there?) that contributes to the product’s commitment to sustainability. In addition to being biodegradable, the packaging can also be used as an integral part of the lighting kit. How do these two elements work together? Each side of the box has its own “deployment diagram” with perforations and pre-stressed lines to indicate where you should fold. These cardboard-origami structures serve as holders for the mini light modules, creating unique hanging fixtures for your space.

The Light Box was designed as a functional, portable light for indoor and outdoor use. The light presents itself in 3 iterations – use it as a regular indoor or outdoor light and even tell a story with the silhouette created by the shadowbox. But those are simple versions. The lightbox really shines with its solar panels inspired lighting. The solar panels allow you to be while camping or during the nighttime in regions where electricity is not easy to come by. Truly multifunctional and useful, isn’t it? Hang it as a charming, minimalist light fixture in your room, or keep it as part of your camping essentials. I could imagine the Light Box in a variety of stores, from Bed, Bath, and Beyond to the “gift” section of Urban Outfitters; the product has such a widespread consumer appeal. But in general, I hope its concept of integrating the packaging into the product catches on in the product design world.

Designer: Sungrae Kim