A Lamp of Fireflies

This is a complicated lamp masked so well as a simple lamp, you might even think it’s graced with the magic of nature. This lamp is called “Geometric Romance”, also to be known as the Firefly’s Nest Lamp. What it appears to be: a globe of light, filled with nature’s fabulous, curious flies of light. What is is: a lamp filled with a fluid moved by a pump that moves electronic “fireflies”, powered by a wireless system located in the base, similar to a cellphone wireless charger.


That’s what it is, the relationship between human’s want for natural beauty and their ability to make entertainment like this realer than the real world. It’s a very lovely situation.

In addition to this device working wirelessly and with electronic fluid, it’s solar powered! It’s working really, really hard at using every wild technology it can. When not in use, cover the device with panels and let the solar panels collect sunlight energy. When it’s time for some ambience, fold the shell back and let the fire flow.

Touching the lamp changes the color. Fireflies are tiny LED lights with resonant circuit receivers. Fireflies float in isodense fluid moved by a tiny fluid pump, convective flows move the fireflies in a smooth, cool way.

Designer: Tommaso Gecchelin

Geometric Romance by Tommaso Gecchelin