Lights Above, Lights Below

Where do you have all of your lamps? Above? To the side? All around? How about you get some lamps that sit on the ground and some other lamps that sit above your head? How about a collection of lamps that works in basically any position? Take a look at this “7/7 Lights” lamp collection by Albertine van Iterson. Each lamp is made out of its own materials, has its own identity, and require slightly different treatments. Yet at the same time, they’re all part of the same family.

How you interact with this set of lamps is entirely up to you. Get a bunch of the wood ones and let them all fly above your head. Get a few metal lamps and lie them around your lovely wood-floored no-cat apartment. Or get them all, all the different sorts of lamps in the 7/7 Lights series, place them all around your huge house!

It’s a lamp family.

Designer: Albertine van Iterson